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Guest experience - Hotellerie

10 December 2023
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Christmas holidays and days out of home... What are the aspects that influence the customer in choosing a hotel?
Buying behavior of consumers has changed and technology has invaded everyday life by influencing the choices of the individual. We are constantly evolving and the 'customers' are changing, ever more demanding, critical, connected and informed.
With this article we turn to the Hotellerie sector, listing three good reasons to take of bath the strength of every room.

The reservation is made following specific criteria, one of these is the aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom. If you are offering an excellent service we are all aware of it: your guests communicate through the network the degree of satisfaction of the stay and influence the choice of who is choosing whether to stay in your hotel. If the bathroom has received positive comments regarding cleaning, furniture, services, etc. the potential customer will consider positive your structure. The bathroom plays a key role for guests and if this environment has received positive comments on hygiene, furniture, and services, increases the percentage that your potential guest will choose.

The guest is the best business card, especially in such a digitized world.

When the guest enters the room for the first time, he hangs the coat and, before even testing the comfort of the bed, he goes to the bathroom to observe the space at his disposal, the general cleaning, the choice of accessories and additional services that make his stay more pleasant. The guest will also verify upon arrival the truthfulness of the information collected from your website, therefore care must be taken to the pluses and services described.
Hotel Mittermeiers Alter Ego, products supplied: Grela, Skuara and Baketo accessory collections, Momon collection washbasins and shower heads of the Supioni collection.

Your guest is demanding and wants a stay of well-being and intimacy? The environment that more than others can satisfy this need is the bathroom. If the main room is quite cozy, but the bathroom instead has a luxurious atmosphere, it's spacious and equipped with all the amenities, the experience is memorable. Over the years this room has become the 'comfort zone' par excellence, both in the heart of the home and in a hotel room.

Let's not forget that for a valuable guest experience is important the respect of the hygiene rules, the human relationship, the personalization of the offer and the analysis of customer expectations.
Buzzwords: excite and engage.